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Change the lives of families affected by Autism one camping trip at a time. 

In 2022, we want to get 60 families affected by Autism into the outdoors. 

We are currently fundraising for trip 1 of 20 for 2022, for more details check out our GoFundMe page.


All money raised on GoFundMe is going towards the purchase of three off-road trailers to enable us to take three families out at a time at no cost to them, we understand that so many families have to put any and all extra money that have towards therapies like speech and occupational therapy. 


We are bridging the gap to get families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder into the outdoors safely.  By investing in this campaign you will help us reach even more families and bring the comforting power of nature to many more autistic children. 


Our son Devin was formally diagnosed in 2017, and we have found being in nature is very therapeutic for him.  The slower pace of enjoying nature means he has time to benefit from different sensory experiences, watching the waves on the lake as the light gently reflects, hearing the subtle sounds of the birds in the trees, he has the time to take all of these little things in and actually enjoy them. We share our journey to help other families with children diagnosed with Autism and to empower them with our knowledge. 


Devin responds well to being close to nature and we know it is therapeutic for other children and families as well.  This is more than simply parking in a crowded campground, all of the extra noise and distractions make for more stress than relaxation.  Our journey takes us into woodlands and mountains where we can appreciate the beauty of our natural world, and this is what we want to get other families out to experience.  The hardest part for most families, let alone families with children on the spectrum, is the packing and setup of camp.  Having a compact, but fully self-contained trailer for sleeping, cooking and eating will make this possible to get out and enjoy camping without all of the stress that can build up before you even light the first campfire. 

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